Solo Travel – How to do it and Why you should do it

Solo Travel

Solo travel – We’ve all heard about it and we also know people who do solo travel. But when the thought of solo travel comes to our mind and experience it ourselves, a lot of ifs and buts pop into our heads. Some questions or doubts that are often associated with solo travel are:

  • What will I do so much time all alone?
  • Will I feel lonely?
  • Will I crave company?
  • What about safety while traveling alone?
  • Will I be able to do it?

Well. We’ll be answering all these questions below and also cover a lot of other interesting things about solo travel.

Solo travel is not about just packing your bags and going on an adventure(although sometimes it can be and that’s fun too 😛 ). For a successful and fun-filled trip, you need to plan some things in advance so that you can travel worry-free.

The How of Solo Travel?

First, we’ll cover how to travel solo. Here are some of the things to take into consideration before your trip commences.

1. Budget

You need to decide on a budget for the trip because on the basis of that, you will be deciding the rest of the things. If you are not concerned about the budget or don’t want to take it into consideration, you can skip this step.

If you don’t plan your budget, it might cause a hole in your pocket and you’ll regret it later. But deciding on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t spend any money. It just means you spend a reasonable amount and do not overspend. Ideally, when on a trip, you should try not to spend a lot and also make sure you have a lot of fun.

2. Leaves

You need to decide on the number of days you want to go on a trip. Since most people have jobs, they might need to take leaves in advance for the trip. A solo trip for one or two weeks is a good idea.

3. Destinations

You need to first decide what all places you want to cover. It might seem like a simple task but trust me, it takes a lot of time and research to decide on the places you want to go. If you decide on traveling to multiple places, also decide on the time you’ll be spending at each place.

4. Travel

After you have decided where you want to go, the next step is deciding the travel arrangements. Make sure you at least book the ticket from your city to the first destination and from the last destination to your city. The rest of the journey can be planned as needed. There are a lot of options to consider depending on your budget. The best option would be public transport like trains or buses. Air travel is also available but it’s costlier.

Personally, I enjoy traveling on trains a lot because it gives you the time and the luxury to enjoy the journey rather than just reaching the destination.

5. Luggage

Make sure you carry enough clothes for the entire trip. Your entire luggage should fit in one bag or a maximum of two. You have to definitely carry your luggage but not so much so that it’s difficult for you to carry around. Also have a small backpack with you so you can use it to carry water bottles, spare clothes, mobile chargers while traveling within the city.

6. Accommodation

There are two choices in choosing accommodation: online or direct at the hotel. If you are looking for discounts, online is the way to go. Book hotels one or two days prior to the stay as the discounts are better.

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Essentials of Solo Travel

Now that we are done with the pre-trip planning, here’s a list of things you should carry with you which might help you during the trip.


One of the most important things to carry while on a solo trip is books. As you will mostly be alone during the entire trip, books can be the friend you need during the time. Books can be read during traveling or while sitting at a quiet place enjoying the view.

Power banks

As you’ll be traveling most of the time, it’s possible you might not have access to the power supply. In such a situation, power banks can be very helpful for charging laptops/ mobile during emergencies.

Movies/ TV Series

You need to have some good movies or TV series stored on your mobile for watching during travel. If you are traveling on a train or a plane, it’s possible you won’t get a good network connection. In absence of the internet, movies or series will be your savior.

Identity card

Since you’ll be traveling to an unknown place, an identity card is a must. A normal identity card with a photo and other details must be with you. It should also contain information about your blood group should the need arise in case of emergencies.

Travel Alone

Tips for Solo Travel

Whenever we travel alone, we need to be careful about our safety, whether we like it or not. You need to keep some things in mind during solo travels so that you are safe. Below are some important tips while doing solo travel.

  • Always inform your family/ friends about where you’re going.
  • Don’t wander around in the dark in unknown places.
  • Make sure you have sufficient battery in your mobile.
  • Memorize or note down the local emergency numbers for your safety.
  • If you feel unsafe, take the help of local people or the police.

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The Why of Solo Travel?

People have their own reasons for solo travel. Some might want some time alone to recharge and get some much-needed peace of mind. Others might have planned a trip with friends and everyone else bailed out in the end. In such a scenario, instead of canceling the entire trip altogether, it’s better to plan the trip alone.

Some of you might be wondering why someone would want to travel solo. It might seem odd to some people. But it isn’t. Let me list the benefits of solo travel and why you should try it too at least once in your lifetime.

1. You’re your own boss

When we’re at home or in the office, we have to listen to other people and do things considering their point of view as well. If you want to do something and your mom says no, you probably won’t do it. But on a solo trip, if you wanna do it, you do it. Period.

2. Solo Travel will make you more responsible

Since you are on the trip alone, you are the person responsible for everything. You become more responsible and careful since you take care of everything while on the trip.

3. You learn more about yourself

When you spend time alone, you get to know a lot about yourself, your inner self. You get to know things about yourself that you were unaware of. You trust yourself more and you respect yourself more.

4. Solo Travel helps you get a different perspective

Once you travel alone and meet people along the way, your perspective on life changes. You will learn to think from a different point of view.

5. You’ll love being alone

Once you travel solo, you’ll love to be alone and not crave company. If you hate being on your own, a solo trip will change will be beneficial for you. It will change your perspective and you won’t mind being alone.

6. You’ll appreciate your life a bit more

When you travel, you meet people from all walks of life. You see something good one day and the absolute worst the next day. This will make you appreciate your life a bit more since you will be thankful for everything you have in life.

7. Solo Travel improves your mental health

If you suffer from any mental health issues like depression or anxiety, solo travel will help you a lot in improving your mental health. It helps you in reenergizing your mind and body, which in turn helps in improving your mental health.

8. Your physical health improves

This is conditional to you walking on the trip :P. When we are traveling solo, we tend to either take public transport or walk if the distance is short. One should always walk if possible on solo trips because it has multiple advantages. One is physical exercise, you stay fit. The other being you experience a lot of things you would have missed had you taken a vehicle.

9. Solo Travel fills your soul

When you travel solo, you feel a sense of joy that is unlike what you have ever experienced in your life. You spend money, but the experiences you gain are PRICELESS. You feel the joy on your face, in your legs, and in your soul.

10. You enjoy being YOU

When we are all alone on a trip, we don’t have to care what others will think or say. We can be our truest selves without the fear of judgment. You can be the person you have always wanted to be. Be YOURSELF.

11. You become a problem solver

When you do solo travel, you are all alone. If you face issues related to travel or safety or hotel, nobody will help you with it. You are your own savior. And when you are able to come out of such situations, your ability to deal with and fix problems increases.

12. You break away from monotony

When you are living your normal life, most of the time it is the same things being repeated again and again every day. Solo travel gives you an escape from the monotony and gives you a fresh breath of life.

13. Solo Travel makes you creative

When you are traveling alone, you will encounter situations you have never thought of in your entire life. Such situations bring out the creative side in you.

14. You do as per your own wishes

Suppose you are traveling alone and you feel like sleeping till late and then venturing out. You can absolutely do that because you are alone. You don’t need anyone’s permission for that. But imagine the same thing when you are traveling in a group. You can’t do that without pissing someone.

15. You’ll create memories that last a lifetime

Believe me when I say you will always remember your solo trips more than you remember your group trips. Solo trips will be the best experiences of your life. No matter what happens on your trip, be it good or bad, you will create memories that will be etched in your mind forever. And you will be thankful you took the trip.


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